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  Heat your home for less this winter    

Welcome to Wychwood Tree Surgeons, firewood log sales for London and Essex


Burning seasoned logs in an open fire is a very economical

way to heat your home, especially when you burn high quality

logs from Wychwood.

Our logs create a responsive fire with a visually appealing flame.

Hardwood logs such as Beech, Ash and Oak have a higher

density than softwood, meaning you require less volume.


This high energy dry firewood has a low moisture content and

is environmentally friendly, whilst being a fully sustainable

carbon neutral fuel.

High Quality at Low, Low Prices

Wood with a high moisture content gives off considerably less heat, will not burn cleanly or efficiently, causing smoke

and pollution. The moisture content for firewood logs should be below 25%. You can be safe in the knowledge that

firewood purchased from Wychwood is the high quality, high energy variety.


We deliver free throughout London and Essex, if you live outside these areas please contact us as we can deliver

further afield with a small delivery charge. Our standard packages are one, two and three cubic metres, however

if you wish to purchase alternative quantities please call us on 0208 528 2160 and we'll be pleased to help.


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The new borrow bags will help keep the driveway clean and tidy while moving logs


As they are smaller than the bulk bags they can be moved by one man by hand or easily pulled onto stack


borrow, whereas bulk bags once filled must be moved by forklift.




New borrow bags include 70-90 logs


Bag size-46x46x87cm internal / 48x48x90cm external


Top:flap with 2 ties


Base: flat


Loops:4 corner lifting flaps




Minimum order 2 bags (£80) additional bags £40 each

Number of bags
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